Paid Summer Research Internships with the Binar Space Program

The Binar Space Program is offering a number of paid summer research internships for the 2023/24 summer.

The internships are open to current undergraduate students and run in-person at Curtin University’s Perth campus over 12 weeks between November 2023 and February 2024.

The list of projects and application instructions are available here:

2023 Interns

Max Morris - Demonstration payload

Sunga Mushota - Payload development board

Lateisha Gullotto - Payload development kit

Alex Conduit - Demonstration payload

Wen Fei Chon - Spacecraft emulator

Hans Benz - Magnetorquer coil automation

Thomas Mylotte - Earth observation payloads

Jonathan Kennedy - Demonstration payload

Micah Randall - Spacecraft emulator

2022 Interns

Ovik Choudhury - Star tracking hardware

Alena Panferova - Star tracking hardware

Charlie Morley-Wong - Helmholz cage

Lorian Marshall - Helmholz cage